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Pledge Campaign

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Meeting the Needs of the Ministry

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pastor Johnson and the leadership team made a faithful decision to trust God and not cut programs, positions, or the impact of this Church on the lives of the people of this community. In short, in a time of great uncertainty, we stood steadfast. Our 2023 Pledge Campaign aims to close the budget deficit created by those decisions. Specifically, Pastor Johnson and the leadership team have asked the membership to cover $17,000.00 of expenses over income that accumulated over the last 3 years. 

Every Member is a Believer.  Every Believer is a Giver.  Every Leader is a Tither.


Like prayer, scripture reading, fasting, and dedication to service, the practice of giving regularly and intentionally helps us grow in faith and mature spiritually. It serves as a continual reminder of God’s claim on our lives. It requires us to put our own needs and wants into proper perspective, and to set aside our own interests for the sake of God and others. Generosity is a tool God uses to shape our hearts. And through the spiritual discipline of giving, our hearts become one with God’s heart and our faith grows. Pledging helps us embrace the spiritual discipline of regular, faithful giving.

LEARN MORE Leadership | Giving | This Month 


Special Thanks to the following individuals who responded to the call of the Church and are completing the Pledge Campaign:

Mae Jones *

Michael Summers, Sr.*

Pastor Francys Johnson *

First Lady Meca Johnson *

Roy & Lena Tremble

Minister Justine Taylor

Lillie Lundy

Percell Tremble

Brandon Thompson

Deacon Mae Hendrix

Jerry Hendrix

Janie Hill

Deacon Johnny Tremble

John & Lee Ann Robinson

Stacy Taylor

Shirley Jones

Mary Walker

* means completed the pledge of $1,000.00 over their regular Tithes.

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