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Believing Again

Culturally Conscious 
Spiritually Empowered 
Holistically Saving Ourselves!

Magnolia will utilize all our resources to provide a Christ-centered setting where people in this community can be redeemed to a personal relationship with Christ, reconciled to God and his people, restored to wholeness, to well-being, and revived for a full life involved in service to others. In this church, everyone is welcomed and affirmed. At Sweet Magnolia, you can be redeemed, reconciled, restored, and revived.

from Church Vision Statement


​​As the public health crisis of COVID-19 recedes, every responsible entity including the Church must take time to reflect upon what we have learned from this experience.  For sure, this pandemic shook us to our core.  Yet, there is always the potential for amazing growth if we are intentional in believing again.  As a faith community, we must look at the core of our beliefs - in other words, what do we know for sure?

This is especially important in light of the fact that many have discarded once taken-for-granted beliefs in democracy, science, God, hard work, reputable information, patriotism, marriage, and good manners.  Let’s be clear: This is not disagreement (“you’re wrong”); it is disbelief (“it’s not true”).  Today’s Age of Disbelief is particularly troubling in a nation long characterized by its Lockean optimism, belief in reason and faith in institutions.


Some of these trends transcend class, race, age, and party lines, They are especially common among younger Americans, the less educated, and those on the political extremes.  From the existential cries of young black and brown people asking whether their lives really matter to the pleas of women demanding their rightful seat at the table; the Church must have a word of reconciliation to a community and culture reeling from exhaustion over a worn-out and overdraft prosperity gospel that has left our people nearly bankrupt.  

As we draw closer to each other in the community, it is this ministry's prayer that we all will be strengthened by the sorting and searching. In Matthew 18, Jesus is saying that whenever the church is pursuing and is involved in a reconciliation process we can rest assured that God’s blessing is with us in our efforts. In other words, as the church reclaims its prophetic voice on matters of right and wrong based on the real truth of God’s Word, we should be confident that we are doing the right thing and that Jesus who is the Christ is right there with us.


Pastor Johnson encourages this ministry to investigate, interrogate and discard useless and worn ideas that do not serve the common good. Moreover,  we have faith that what will remain is a core group of beliefs that will carry us forward!

Here's to the sorting and searching!

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