A Progressive Witness during these Challenging Times 

Greetings to the Sweet Magnolia family,

I believe the Church is called for such a time as this!  Specifically, the Church must shine as a light of hope as people lift a new Civil Rights Movement, fight a Pandemic, guard against an Economic Recession, and persist in being a Progressive Witness of Jesus Christ during these challenging times.

To effectively do any of that requires you to engage self-care and practice daily disciplines that build your faith.  These are two essential defenses against excessive worry and fear.


Today, as faithful believers I implore you to do at least 3 things: 

1. Observe the health advisory guidelines;

2. Rest+ Reflect+Respond;

3. Center your Joy. 


As a faith community, we are unashamedly BLACK and unapologetically CHRISTIAN.  We stand in solidarity with the demands of Black Lives Matter as expressed by the Movement for Black Lives.  Further, we are aligned with the JustGeorgia Coalition.  Locally our members are engaged in the reconciliation work of the Beloved Community along with the racial justice work of the NAACP.

Finally, your church is here primarily to serve this community.  If you have a need, we are here to serve.  Please let us know.  Likewise, if you have a seed, plant it and watch it grow.   To continue supporting the church simply text "blessed" to 912.274.8802.  Your gifts are appreciated. 

I remain,

Francys Johnson

Senior Pastor

DEVOTIONS | Connect in Worship with Pastor Johnson during these challenging times.

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