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Women's Day

An enriching Sunday for the Heart, Soul, and Mind as we celebrate the unique contributions of Black women’s creative agency to communal flourishing.
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Women‘s Day at Sweet Magnolia is not a day for women to fill the pulpit and other roles in worship traditionally occupied by men. We have long since discarded that narrow thinking.  Instead, it is an opportunity to focus on who Jesus of Nazareth is for Black women and why that matters. 


The Keynote Speaker is the Honorable Edna Jackson, the 65th Mayor of Savannah and State Representative. From her earlier years as a Civil Rights Activist to her successful career in business and government, Edna Jackson is a Woman on the Move! 


Our program color is Yellow, and Dinner, coordinated by the one and only Sharon Hill and the Culinary Team, will be served following the Worship Service. Special thanks to the Committee: LeAnne Robinson, Chair; Sylvia Tremble, Co-Chair; Stacy Taylor; and First Lady Meca Williams-Johnson.


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Before the worship service, the Program will feature a dynamic panel discussion moderated by the Rev. Dr. Ashley Morris entitled Black Women on the Move: Faith in the Context of a Flourishing Community. Once at the center, the Church has seen diminishing attendance and relevance in shaping our community's agenda for progress. At the same time, Black women are the most faithful, according to the Pew Research Religious Landscape Study. Is the explosion of impacting non-profits, innovative para ministries, and non-traditional spiritual spaces led by Black women a symptom or solution? Can we talk about Our Faith in the Context of a Flourishing Community?


Delores Williams's book Sisters in the Wilderness: The Challenge of Womanist God-Talk was published 32 years ago. Let's discuss our faith in the context of constructing a flourishing community with leading women who made bricks without straw and built in the wilderness.

Beyond the important emphasis on Women, this Church is taking the following affirmative actions throughout the year:

  1. Ensure gender equity across all areas of Leadership of the Church. This Church was the first Church in the area to ordain women as ministers and deacons. Consistent with that action, this Church:

    • seeks opportunities to promote the inclusion of women in non-traditional positions across the life of the Church;

    • utilize and pay women equally to men, and

    • resist discrimination in denominational practices.

  2. Address historical and contemporary issues of sexism and misogyny through preaching, teaching, and ministry, which centers the experience and perspectives of Black women. Consistent with this action, this Church:

    • utilizes Black women to preach, teach, and minister.

    • includes womanist and other liberation sources in all applicable preaching and teaching.

    • educates the congregation on womanist preachers, theologians, and other liberation scholars. ​

  3. Recognize the contributions of brilliant+beauitful+brave local and global women whose work improved the human condition. Consistent with this action, this Church:

    • budgets for ministry programs supporting women and children.

    • affirms the contributions of local and global women throughout the year across the life of the Church.

    • supports other community initiatives aimed at supporting women and children.

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